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With over a decade of experience in the interpretation field, we have expanded our services and grown into "Beyond Interpreter Co., Ltd." We are a trusted provider of professional interpreters and translators, enjoying a solid reputation among clients and industry professionals in Thailand. Our strength lies in our founder's extensive experience, marked by attention to detail, a deep understanding of diverse projects, and a solid commitment to meeting our clients' needs.

Our team can source language pairs ranging from general to rare as we meticulously select and train our interpreters. We provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. Our interpreters have undergone practical orientation, studied on-site interpretation settings, and completed professional interpreter training courses to understand the qualities and attributes of excellent interpreters.

Furthermore, we have a rigorous interview and testing process to ensure we match each project with the most suitable interpreters. We offer a range of language and event-related services, including emceeing, language teaching, voice-over services, interpreter equipment, and more.

At Beyond Interpreter, we are ready to go the extra mile and offer comprehensive language solutions for all your needs.

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Master of ceremonies (MC)

Interpreting equipment

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Minutes Taker/Note Taker, Remote Interpreter

Minutes Taker/Note Taker

The role of a meeting recorder is crucial in ensuring that the meeting proceeds according to its objectives and agenda. They are responsible for documenting the proceedings, opinions, and suggestions from participants. This information is then organized and summarized into a meeting report.

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Thai/English Activity Facilitator, Translation Service

Thai/English Activity Facilitator

For team-building activities, workshops, and other events where participants and organizers need to use more than one language, we can provide activity facilitators in the language you require. Alternatively, if you already have a speaker and only need a translator, we can accommodate that.

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Interpreter Coordinator/Project Manager,  Online Interpreter

Interpreter Coordinator/Project Manager

The role of an Interpreter Coordinator or Project Manager is crucial for events requiring a large number of interpreters, such as events with 6 or more interpreters. The responsibilities include coordinating between interpreters and clients, managing the work according to the client's needs.

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Business Coordinator, Remote Interpreter

Business Coordinator

We can provide a Business Coordinator who has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, excels in problem-solving, and can work well under pressure. This is suitable for businesses looking to expand into the Thai market and requires an assistant who can act as a translator and a coordinator. The Business Coordinator can work both online and on-site.

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Voice-Over, Interpreter Services


A voice artist is someone who conveys the emotions and feelings of characters through their voice. This applies to various forms of media, including films, advertisements, dramas, or any other medium that requires communicating with an audience in another language. Voice artists must possess good communication skills, vocal quality, and interpretation skills to ensure the original essence is not lost.

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Teaching Thai Language to Foreigners, Interpreter

Teaching Thai Language to Foreigners

We offer Thai language lessons for foreigners using the books "Thai for Beginners" and "Thai for Intermediate Learners" by the author Benjawan Poomsan Becker. These books are the most popular for teaching Thai to government organizations in the United States. Our Thai teachers have years of experience teaching Thai to foreigners, both children and adults.

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Professional Interpreter Training Course,   Remote Interpreter

Professional Interpreter Training Course

With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in both translation and simultaneous interpretation, we have had the privilege of educating and nurturing numerous students. Our students develop strong profiles and gain enough experience to secure employment opportunities on their own, promoting sustainable growth together.

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Translation Service, Online Interpreter

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